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It generally only takes a second to smash your glass and gain entry to your possessions defeating your vehicle security alarm. You can delay entry to the point that hopefully the person moves along to a "softer target". 

Simply cover your side and back glass with Shatter Safe Security Window Film  with a tough, clear coating that resists punctures or tears. Our film is especially effective when applied to flat side / rear vehicle glass. Do not apply to front windshields.

When the glass breaks, your glass is held in place by a tear resistant barrier. 

Shatter Safe Films may be pushed out from any interior side of the glass.

Shatter Safe Films form an invisible shield from flying glass, and will dramatically slow down any person trying to break your glass from the outside.

Standard cost is 146.40 per 10' - Your discounted price is 117.12 + shipping

Most compact to mid size vehicles as well as most small trailers generally only require 36" x 10 Linear Feet. (default)

The default is 36" wide by 10 linear feet (120 inches) 

Then all you need to do is trim to fit your glass!

If you change qty to 2 or more we ship complete in one long roll that you trim to fit.(2 lengths of 36" x 10' will yield one section 36" wide x 20 feet long = 60 sq.ft)

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NOTE: Shipping is a flat rate of 19.95 for the Contiguous U.S.A. 

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Shipping is 19.95 for the Contiguous U.S.A. All other destinations contact us for shipping rates.

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Standard SSF-400 Applied to any Vehicle Glass

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