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Shatter Safe Certified Distributorships are available for you in your region.

Have you ever wanted to run your own business, be your own boss or better yet, work your own hours and have influence over your financial future?

A Shatter Safe Security Window Films certified distributorship can be the opportunity for you today. 

Our small start-up cost allows you to concentrate on growth, not franchise fees. 

Be one of the first in your region to enjoy your own Shatter Safe Distributorship.

  • Absolutely no stock to carry at anytime - only order what you have sold.
  • No monthly quota to reach -  concentrate on growth not "Franchise Fees."
  • Earn a solid income part time of full time - only invest the time you have.
  • Full distributor support at all time - we offer the help you may need including leads.
  • We need people like you Helping to make all glass Shatter Safe! 
  • Join one of the fastest growing Security Window Film Companies world-wide!

    Contact us for distributorship information that can be customized just for you, including fees!

"Helping to make all glass Shatter Safe"
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