Wired Glass is weaker than annealed glass and unsafe.

wired glass georgian safety glass replacement

SSF-400 will meet ANSI Z97i standard when covering standard glass.

Wired glass, which is widely used in schools, hospitals and office buildings throughout Canada and the U.S.A., has been linked to hundreds of injuries—some serious—due to its low impact resistance.

Georgian wired glass is annealed glass that has wire in between panes of glass and is actually weaker than regular glass for strength and fire rating. Almost every school and public building has Georgian wired glass in Canada and the USA installed.  Should part of your body go through Georgian Wired Glass, serious injury occurs. 

Shatter Safe SSF-400 can be placed on EACH side of the interior glass doors and  will bring the glass door to an ANZI z97i safety glass rating. For an exterior door, use anti-intrusion SSF-800 on the interior side and SSF-Anti-graffiti on the outside face.

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Watch this Investigative Report with Dan Rather about georgian wired glass

 Georgian Wired glass looks safe but it is not. While it can protect the spread of fire, this fragile glass breaks with minimal human impact. 

The wire actually weakens the glass and increases the likelihood of breakage even under the relatively mild force exerted by an elementary school student.

Experts estimate that there are at least 2,300 school injuries yearly from unsafe wired glass. 

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