Our Heat Reducing film also keeps the cold out!

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Heat & UV Reducing Shatter Safe Films


Cut IR Rays by up to 70% and Cancer causing UV Rays by 99%!

Shatter Safe IR Film will reduce the heat in your room by about 70% and will result in you being cooler and your Air Conditioner not working as hard. Your A/C will work about half as much and in a few short years that savings will offset the cost of Shatter Safe Film.

Infrared Rays (IR) are Heat Rays and they are the reason that our rooms get hot forcing your air conditioning to work overtime. 

UV Rays are cancer causing rays and cancer groups agree that by using Shatter Safe Films you will cut that risk. Shatter Safe Film cuts UV rays by 99% protecting not just your home but your family as well.

Below is a testimonial from Boban M who lives on Burke Mtn. 

" When i first moved to Burke 5 years ago... i was literally scorching in our home because of all the south facing windows. Had to spend a fortune on A/C machines and had them cranked all the time for the entire summer. I complained to Al from Shatter Safe about the heat and  for a relatively small amount of money Shatter Safe was able to install the UV film on the inside of the windows and it's literally been 3 years and i haven't had the A/C on since... " " Its the real deal... I think i only had my AC on once since and it was when it hit 98.6f (37c) and that was only in the upstairs bedroom"

CHOOSE FROM THE WIDTHS BELOW - Standard is 36" width.

The Default is 1 piece of the width you choose by 10 linear feet, (120 inches long) 

Need 20 feet long, simply change qty from 1 to 2 etc.

TRIM TO FIT - Choose the closest width of your glass but not over.

Sold in multiples of 10 Linear Feet. Change qty to 2 for 20 feet etc. then trim to fit.

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