Protective Window Film for your campus.


Shatter Safe Protective Window Film should only be used to delay entry to glass that is on your building and not be construed as bullet proof.

Should a company claim that they can make the glass that is already in your building bullet resistant, ask them to apply film to the glass and then have them stand behind the glass as you take a shot at them, they will decline because regular glass will not stop any bullet.  

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on your exterior glass you must think about this:

ALMOST ALL campus shootings occurred INSIDE THE BUILDING!

Why would a school district spends tens of thousands of dollars on exterior glass when the active shooter has already gained entry to your campus?

Your money is better spent on:

  • Hardening the doors
  • Hardening the glass in the doors with Shatter Safe Protective Window Films
  • Limiting the number of entries to the interior of a building
  • Controlling the flow of foot traffic.
  • Installing electronic locks on hallway doors to prevent entry
  • Installing panic buttons in classrooms to alert authorities

Shatter Safe will help with the glass in the doors and depending on the thickness of that glass and the size of the projectile, will stop a round from penetrating.

Do not use any window brand of film on regular glass that was installed when your building was constructed and expect to achieve bullet resistance. 

Bullet resistance can only occur by replacing your current 1/8th inch glass with at least 1/2 inch or thicker glass and you will need to strengthen the window frames to support the additional weight of the thicker glass.

Shatter Safe Security Window Film is designed to slow an attack on your glass. We are are able to make some glass bullet-resistant as well as bullet proof with 1/2 - 3/4 inch laminated glass and a combination of Shatter Safe SSF-1400 combined. 

CHOOSE FROM THE WIDTHS BELOW - Standard is 60" width.

The Default is 1 piece of the width by 10 linear feet, (120 inches long) 

If you change qty to 2 or more we ship complete in one roll to a maximum of 100 feet long

60 " Wide Shatter Safe Film x 10 Linear Feet (120 inches)

Sold in multiples of 10 Linear Feet. Change qty to 2 for 20 feet etc. then trim to fit.

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