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SSF-400 is ideal for side glass for All Vehicles - SEE VIDEO BELOW

Not just your personal vehicle, but on your work van, motor-home or travel trailer, your side glass is vulnerable. It generally only take seconds to smash your glass and gain entry to your possessions defeating your vehicle security alarm. 

Cover your side and back glass with virtually invisible Shatter Safe Security Window Film with a tough, clear coating that resists punctures or tears. Our film is especially effective when applied to flat side and your rear vehicle glass.

Shatter Safe Films form an invisible shield  from flying glass, and will dramatically slow down any person trying to break your glass from the outside.

Order today and simply trim to fit and apply to your glass.

The Default is 1 piece of the width you choose by 10 linear feet, (120 inches long) 

If you change qty to 2 or more we ship complete in one long roll maximum 100 feet.

(2 lengths of 36" x 10' will yield one section 36" wide x 20 feet long = 60 sq.ft)

Simply change qty from 1 to 2 etc.

36 " Wide Shatter Safe Film for 4 side windows and trim to fit for most vehicles.*

Sold in multiples of 10 Linear Feet. Change qty to 2 for 20 feet etc. then trim to fit for your size of glass.*

click to Add 36" Wide to cart and obtain pricing to cover the 4 windows of most vehicles*


Standard SSF-400 Applied to any Vehicle Glass

Download simple installation instructions.

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